At Pearl Dental, we are proud to provide the highest level of comprehensive dental care available. We are also acutely aware and extremely sensitive to the financial strain that dental care can put on a family’s finances. Our Rewards program has been specifically designed for our patients who do not have insurance. We see it as a win/win and we know you will too! Joining the Pearl Dental Rewards Program may be the wisest health care and financial decisions your family has ever made! The Rewards Program membership fee is $400 and is on a rolling 12 month period. The member benefits include: Silver (one year level), Gold (2 year level) and Platinum (3 year level).

1st Year Silver

  • 2 cleanings per 12 month period
  • 2 examinations by the doctor per 12 month period
  • 1 set of 4 Bitewing Radiographs per 12 month period
  • 1 fluoride treatment
  • 15% off all treatment performed at Pearl Dental (excluding Orthodontic or implant treatment)
  • No maximums
  • No deductibles

2nd Year Gold

  • All Silver level benefits
  • Full Mouth/Panorex Radiograph ($118 value)

3rd Year Platinum

  • All benefits of the silver level and gold level
  • 1 Vizilite Oral Cancer Screening ($63)

The Pearl Dental Rewards Program is renewable on a yearly basis. Advancement to gold and platinum levels, are contingent upon renewal on anniversary month with no lapse in dues. Membership is nonrefundable and all benefits are only usable during the 12 month period after the dues are paid in full. There are no exceptions to this policy. Since the Pearl Dental Rewards Program entitles our members to an extremely generous discount of 15%, no other discounts will apply; including but not limited to the use of any Care Credit. We also require that all treatment be paid in full when services are rendered. We look forward to providing our Pearl Dental Rewards Program Members the highest level of dental care while simultaneously keeping your treatment costs to a minimum.