Smile… You’re at Pearl Dental!

Whether you’re just coming in for a checkup or undergoing a more extensive procedure, Pearl Dental’s team of professionals are experienced in a number of services designed to deliver the ultimate dental care experience.

Preventative Dental Care Services

A healthy smile is a happy smile. At Pearl Dental, our expert team is here to deliver high-quality preventative dental care in Louisville to kids and adults, including regular checkups and cleanings, state-of-the-art oral cancer screenings, and protections like sealants and fluoride treatments. We operate an entirely latex-free facility, and sedation dentistry is available for any procedure. If you’re looking for a dental care experience that is as comfortable and inviting as it is professional, Pearl Dental is the best dentist in Louisville, KY for you.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

One of our greatest joys at Pearl Dental is helping our patients leave our office with a confident smile. We want you to look and feel your best, and we offer a range of services for cosmetic dentistry to give you a smile that you’ll love to show off. Whether you’re looking for veneers, bleaching, bonding, or whitening treatments, our expert team is excited to work with you.

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Sedation Dentistry

At Pearl Dental, we offer sedation dentistry to create a comfortable and anxiety-free experience for our patients.

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Orthodontic Dental Treatment Services

At Pearl Dental, we want to help every patient achieve their most beautiful smile. We offer orthodontic dental treatment in Louisville such as ClearCorrect™ and Invisalign®, as well as orthodontic-related dental services, such as space maintainers and retainer fittings. Our team provides exceptional orthodontic care throughout the lifetime of your treatment for lasting oral health.

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Periodontal Dental Treatment Services

A critical component of a beautiful smile and lifelong oral health includes taking great care of not only your teeth, but also your gums. Periodontal treatments and therapies include the prevention, treatment, or management of gum disease, as well as procedures like scaling, root planing, crown lengthening, and frenectomies. We use the latest technology (such as laser treatment) for the highest quality care of periodontal dental treatment in Louisville. We operate an entirely latex-free facility, and sedation dentistry for adults is available for any procedure.

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Restorative Dental Treatment Services

If you’re in need of restorative dental treatment, our team at Pearl Dental can help. We use the latest technology and exceptional standards of practice to ensure our patients feel safe, comfortable, and well-cared for from the first moment they step through our door. We offer sedation for any procedure and operate an entirely latex-free facility.

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Oral Surgery Services

Our expert team offers high-quality surgical services in Louisville for your oral health needs. We use state-of-the-art technology and operate using a gentle dental ethos, which means sedation dentistry is available for our adult patients for any procedure. Our team is committed to seeing you through your entire recovery; learn more about post-op care here.

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Pediatric Dental Services

We’re a family dental practice serving patients of all ages, including very young children who are just beginning to get their teeth. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children visit a dentist within six months after the first tooth erupts or around their first birthday. Not only does this introduce a healthy dental care routine, but it’s also the best way to ensure proper care of children’s primary, or baby teeth, which are vital to lifelong oral health.

We’re sensitive to the fact that some children feel worried about trips to the dentist—many of us on staff have kids ourselves!—and we’re gentle and patient with our youngest patients to ensure a fun, comfortable visit. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child if needed, and kids are welcome to ask questions, share their fears, and learn about the dental process step-by-step throughout their entire visit.

We’ve found that one of the best ways to encourage a positive exam experience is for young children to see the same dentist as their parents and older siblings, and we’re proud to serve your entire family in our office.

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Functional Therapies

Our functional dental treatments include mouth guards, snore guards, or treatment for TMJ or NTI-TSS. We work closely with patients to determine the best treatment plan and customize care to each patient’s unique needs.

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